Roman app. Roman Kuryanov (aka Matovsky)

Roman - budget weight loss

Roman app gives out the information that is usually given by coaches in the gym provided that you will pay for the consultations with a personal trainer.
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Roman app - budget weight loss

One app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watch

Roman - budget weight loss​

Unique Features

Minimalistic with the highest information value of the application.

Control the process of losing weight.

Notifications won’t let you miss your meals.

Convenient Workout Timer. It's really simple interval timer. You don’t need keep the display on a whole workout. App has sounds when exercise, rest and workout is done.

3D Touch & Haptic Touch — quick access to main functions right from Home screen.

Weight loss calculator: Individual Meal Plan for men and women. Just enter your body weight — you get a detailed meal plan for every day.

Achievements and Awards.

Tips to move towards the desired goal.

Siri Shortcuts — App will tell you Random tip for Weight loss.

Saves your money.

Roman app - budget weight loss

I’ve been frequently asked about what food ration should be to burn fat, as well as to bulk muscles. I have first-hand knowledge.

In the photo you can see a visual confirmation of how did I burn fat from 106 kg to 81 kg of pure muscle mass.
However, this doesn’t mean that the Roman program is suitable only for the athletes who practice hard in the gym for 2 hours every day. I have given nutritional advice to many of my friends who have simply decided to live a healthy life and lose excess weight. Each and every one of them has achieved the desired result. And every time, I used the same calculations to draw up a meal plan.

It was quite boring. However, it was then that I had the idea to create Roman app using which everyone could instantly learn how to eat to lose weight now.

Therefore, in my budget weight loss meal plan app, I, with mathematical precision, share the knowledge and experience with you on how to lose weight now.

I wrote this budget weight loss meal plan app myself from scratch. Yes, I had to learn a programming language for iOS apps, but for me it is a pleasure as I deal with the development of websites.

Roman app gives out the information that is usually given by coaches in the gym provided that you will pay for the training with a personal trainer. And such training is not cheap enjoyment.

All you need to get a detailed ration list is just to enter your current body weight. And that’s it! The budget weight loss meal plan app will calculate the rest and present all necessary information on nutrition in a convenient form specially for you.

You can train in the gym until you are blue in the face, but if you eat fast food and sausages, you will not change your body shape.

In order to transform your body your priority should be on your nutrition first and training second, but not vice a versa.